Our Culture

Committed to redefine Information Security. Every day.

More than a security company,
a practical security company

As former red teamers, we have spent years assessing directory infrastructures. What did we learn during all of these missions? Cosmetic measures will not keep attackers out of your network.

Determined to make a difference

Major companies get compromised every day because of badly secured directory infrastructures. It's time for a change, and we plan to make it.

Building a safe-heaven for security experts

We are diverse, open-minded and perfectionist security addicts. We look for teammates that will push us to work smarter and harder to kick attackers butts.

Collaboration as a vocation

Let's be honest, we cannot win the cyberwar alone. We have created a highly collaborative environment and exchange daily with our partners in the security domain.

Meet the team

Engineering squad

Emmanuel Gras

Co-Founder, CEO

After graduating at Mines Paristech, Emmanuel spent 3 years at Orange, auditing core telco networks. He then joined ANSSI, the French national authority in the area of cyberdefense and network security (NIS). He designed large-scale audit tools for Microsoft Active Directory, and he now develops Alsid's products and solution packages.

Emmanuel Gras

Co-Founder, CEO

Luc Delsalle

Co-Founder, CTO

Luc spent 6 years at ANSSI, the French national agency in charge of Cyberdefense matters, where he led several large-scale incident response and multiple redteam security assessments. He is a security engineer specialized in Microsoft products security. When he is not designing Alsid's products, Luc teaches technical security courses in several engineering school in Paris.

Luc Delsalle

Co-Founder, CTO

Romain Coltel

Lead Product Manager

Former senior security auditor specialized in red-teaming missions, Romain is now tackling Active Directory problems down to the core at Alsid. During its spare time Romain is teaching the well-received SANS SEC660 in France and maintain various security software as Dislocker or the AES-XEX and XTS modes for the famous mbedTLS library.

Romain Cotel

Lead Product Engineer


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